Public Prototype #5: Released!

Hi All! We’ve just released a new playable prototype with a bunch of new features. There are new hero powers, a new hero, a new level and other improvements. Here are some .gifs for a quick peek:

Burn incoming enemies with the firewall:

Dramatically change the tactical terrain with instant obstacles:

Full details and downloads: here

QuantumShade on National TV

Earlier this year, the team participated in the Global Game Jam to produce Homeless. There was an ABC crew covering proceedings as part of a documentary about games and religion. The show has finally aired!

>> Watch Here <<

We have some very minor appearances, which we are non the less quite proud of. All detailed here:

In the main episode:
3:18 - matt, homeless
11:15 - alex

In the special mini, GGJ, webisode:
21 - alex
56 - dane
2:41 - alex, matt, homeless
3:48 - homeless
4:11 - , alex, peter, matt
4:45 - alex
5:00 - alex
5:09 - peter, alex, matt, homeless
5:22 - peter, alex, matt, homeless

😀 As far as we know, this is the first time QSI has been on national TV.

New QuaSI Website!!

You may have noticed the “under construction” sign go up on the QSI website in the last couple of days. That was Andrew Berthold finalising his work on a new theme for the QuaSI website. And now he’s all done. Awesome job, Andrew!

Check out his portfolio here:


QSI Welcomes New Members

We’re proud to announce that we’ve signed up three new, incredible people to the QSI team! Introducing: Ashleigh, Caitlin and Dane. Welcome!

Ashleigh Wachman – Artist, Game Designer


I have been elbow deep in art since those wind up crayons were a thing. Although my main career path is in building spaceships (graduated MQU: BAdvSci;Physics, accepted into: Master Aerospace Eng) I still keep up my art! My art influences are Miyazaki, Renee Magritte, Deadpool comics, real life, fantasy and science fiction. My slowly growing art portfolio can be found at here. I can be found crawling through mud under barbed wire once or twice a year.

Caitlin Goodale – Graphic Designer


I describe myself as a 2D artist for games, covering texturing, UI and UX design, graphic design and marketing. I’m a sometime-student of the University of Abertay Dundee, erstwhile indie dev, and perpetual intern. Most recently I’ve been studying in the EUCROMA program. I previously worked on Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition, and am interning at Microsoft Studios come July. I love board games, sword fighting and making weird art. Also probably the world’s biggest Antiques Roadshow fan.

Dane Armour – Artist, Game Designer


Games are a mystical beast and always held an allure for me. Straight out of my Halo infused high school years, I studied Game Development and hated programming with a passion. However the graphical side really grabbed me. My pursuit of it landed me a job on George Millers’ Happy Feet 2. Since then I’ve worked at Animal Logic, Fuel VFX and Flying Bark Productions. Having had my love of games reignited, I am now looking to take those skills into making games.

Check out the company page for profiles on the rest of the team.

More announcements to come about Protocol E and … an entirely new game. Stay tuned.

Homeless: Technical Excellence Award

On Australia Day weekend (24-26 January 2014), Peter Reeves, Alex Coe and Matt Cabanag participated in the Global Game Jam (GGJ) at the Sydney site. The result was Homeless, a game where you have to survive the harsh conditions of a winter city – as a homeless person! Today, the awards ceremony for the Sydney GGJ site was held at the Powerhouse Museum. The judges gave Homeless the “Technical Excellence” award!

IMG_20140201_145336 1063836_656993731030515_382709546_o

Homeless has dynamic sounds, randomly generated cities as well as very striking custom shaders and material effects. 🙂 Check it out!!