Public Prototype #5: Released!

Hi All! We’ve just released a new playable prototype with a bunch of new features. There are new hero powers, a new hero, a new level and other improvements. Here are some .gifs for a quick peek:

Burn incoming enemies with the firewall:

Dramatically change the tactical terrain with instant obstacles:

Full details and downloads: here

New Year Greetings from QuaSI

Hi All,

2013 has been a really mixed bag for QuaSI. We came into existence, won Game Jam – Sydney, got some funding from ScreenNSW, was a finalist at Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards and a few other little victories. But we lost a lot of momentum when life crept in with some harsh surprises. For me, that was the sudden loss of two of my closest loved ones in the space of a month.

First, my best friend and partner of 7 years, died in Nepal. Then just two days before her funeral, my brother passed on in Germany. I will never really recover from this, but I’m determined to honour their memory by having some positive effect on the world that they so loved. At QuaSI, that means trying to keep on making games that really make a contribution to the artform.

To that end, we’ve got a couple of announcements to make:

1) Protocol E: Arcade will be delayed till April. The previously promised public prototype in December will be out next month (February – or early March) instead.

2) Project BounceBlaster has been renamed “Smash Vector” and we’re working to get it released on Google Play soon. Hopefully on or before February 2014. We’re porting it to use Unity’s new native 2D features, massively boosting performance on mobile devices.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Keep watching us, we’re making awesome things!

I’d like to end this post with an inspiring message from one of my heroes,


Matt Cabanag

Protocol E Delayed

Due to the personal circumstances of some team members, Protocol E: Arcade will be delayed till February 2014. It will not be coming out in December as previously indicated in this video

We regret any disappointment. There will be a new public prototype for Protocol E released in December instead.

Public Prototype #3 Released!!

It’s hard to believe that the last public Prototype was released a full year ago! This project has hit a bit of a speed bump. But hopefully no longer, with the long awaited release of Public Prototype #3. You’ve got a brand new voiced tutorial, brand new units and brand new levels! Check it out.

Play the Prototype

Protocol E: PP3 – Play in browser through Unity Web Player (For Windows, Mac, Linux)

Protocol E: PP3 -Zip Archive with Windows x64 Executable (For Windows 64-bit)

Check out the prototype page for more detailed information on this release.