QuantumShade on National TV

Earlier this year, the team participated in the Global Game Jam to produce Homeless. There was an ABC crew covering proceedings as part of a documentary about games and religion. The show has finally aired!

>> Watch Here <<

We have some very minor appearances, which we are non the less quite proud of. All detailed here:

In the main episode:
3:18 - matt, homeless
11:15 - alex

In the special mini, GGJ, webisode:
21 - alex
56 - dane
2:41 - alex, matt, homeless
3:48 - homeless
4:11 - , alex, peter, matt
4:45 - alex
5:00 - alex
5:09 - peter, alex, matt, homeless
5:22 - peter, alex, matt, homeless

😀 As far as we know, this is the first time QSI has been on national TV.

LudumDare: Warblocks

Smiling Warblocks

LudumDare, the famous, international game jamming website had a “7dRTS” challenge. The goal was to make an innovative RTS within 7 days. With Protocol-E in the works, we just couldn’t resist submitting an entry. QuaSI presents:


It uses the Protocol-E framework, so it has exactly the same control scheme. But with some additional features:

  • New time attack / timed conquest game-mode
  • New healer bots
  • Multi-type unit painting
  • Natural terrain usage.

These features will be folded back into Protocol-E eventually. Keep a lookout for it by the end of August!