Quantum Shade Interactive (QuaSI) is an indie game dev group based in Sydney – Australia. We exist to push the envelope of what’s possible in indie games – not just produce throw-away, junk titles. Our goal is to make games that introduce ideas that others will use to build on. QuaSI aims to be a prominent inspiration to people who are passionate about games; a powerhouse of creativity, punching above its weight.

We won “Best Game” at Global Game Jam 2013 – Sydney for our submission O2. A few short weeks after that, we were successful in getting some funding for our flagship project, Protocol E. Protocol E was also listed as a finalist for the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards in the Interactive Games category on 2013.

Most recently, our game Homeless was given the “Technical Excellence” award at Global Game Jam 2014 – Sydney. We hope to continue this trend of excellence in all our efforts.

Contact Us

Mailing Address: E6A360 Eastern Road, Dept of Computing, Macquarie University, New South Wales, 2109, Commonwealth of Australia. C\O Matt Cabanag





Alex Coe
Sound Designer, Game Designer

I’m an electronic musician and occasional DJ, having studied at UWS and Concordia University in Montreal. I think game music is the most exciting and mood-provoking genre out there, and it’s something I’ve been wanting to dive in head first for a long time. My biggest influences are Robert Allen, Alexander Brandon and Frank Klepacki. As for my interests, they include fine dining, Bergfeuer schnapps, cats, travelling, but most of all, challenging myself.

Andrew John Berthold
Game Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer

I’m currently studying at Macquarie Uni, doing a Bachelor or Arts majoring in Interactivity and Games. Prior to this I completed a Diploma of Graphic Design and Communications at Design Centre Enmore. Although currently trying to learn a bit of everything, I’m primarily interested in the design and art direction side of game development. When I’m not making or playing games, you can probably find me listening to trashy 80’s synthwave or watching TV shows about serial killers. My portfolio and personal blog can be found at andrewjohnberthold.com.

Ashleigh Wachman
Artist, Game Designer

I have been elbow deep in art since those wind up crayons were a thing. Although my main career path is in building spaceships (graduated MQU: BAdvSci;Physics, doing: Master Aerospace Eng) I still keep up my art! My art influences are Miyazaki, Renee Magritte, Deadpool comics, real life, fantasy and science fiction. My slowly growing art portfolio can be found at here. I can be found crawling through mud under barbed wire once or twice a year.

Caitlin Goodale
Graphic Designer

I describe myself as a 2D artist for games, covering texturing, UI and UX design, graphic design and marketing. I’m a sometime-student of the University of Abertay Dundee, erstwhile indie dev, and perpetual intern. Most recently I’ve been studying in the EUCROMA program. I previously worked on Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition, and have been interning at Microsoft Studios since July 2014. I love board games, sword fighting and making weird art. Also probably the world’s biggest Antiques Roadshow fan.

Christian Read

Hi. I’ve written for comics, the stage, RPGs, short stories, journalism and video games, including The Secret World and Sacred 3. My comics include Star Wars Tales, Witch King, The Watch and most recently from Gestalt Comics, The Eldritch Kid: Hate and Whisky, a morbid cowboy fantasy and Unmasked, a gritty look at the lives of super-villains. My hobbies include shark rodeo and tequila.

Dane Armour
Artist, Game Designer

Games are a mystical beast and always held an allure for me. Straight out of my Halo infused high school years, I studied Game Development and hated programming with a passion. However the graphical side really grabbed me. My pursuit of it landed me a job on George Millers’ Happy Feet 2. Since then I’ve worked at Animal Logic, Fuel VFX and Flying Bark Productions. Having had my love of games reignited, I am now looking to take those skills into making games.

Matt Cabanag
Programmer, Game Designer

I’d characterise myself as a polymath-wannabe with inclinations for industrial design, aerospace and mechanical engineering. Alas, I’ve only managed to get a Bachelor of Science in Computing from Macquarie University. Since finishing my degree, I fell into a job there and continue to pursue postgraduate studies. But now I want to really grab life by the balls and make games for a living! I can be found posting random, supposedly interesting things on squarestorm.com.

Peter Reeves
Programmer, Graphics Technology Specialist

Some people have described me as a programming ninja. I’m not one to argue. I’m preoccupied, even obsessed with seeing how far we can take graphics technology in terms of efficiency and beauty. When I’m not studying to finish my masters at Macquarie University, you’ll find me teaching my fellow students as a casual academic in game design. You’ll also find me posting some of my work at peterreevesgraphics.wordpress.com.

Tim Grant
Artist, Game Designer

I’ve been working on games for close to a decade now. I’m a member of several indie teams, including this one. Throughout my time in gamedev, I’ve netted several awards, including one from IGF, many ‘best mod’ awards and Best Game @ GGJ Sydney 2011. The first big hit I’ve worked on is a highly popular and critically acclaimed Mod called Dystopia (very similar art style to Protocol E). When I’m not working QuaSI projects, you’ll find me feverishly working on Blade Symphony with Puny Human Games.