Protocol E. is a hero based, Action-RTS set in a cyber-combat environment. Like other games in the genre, you take control of a powerful hero to combat enemy troops. Unlike other games in the genre, you also get to control your own little squad of minions. The biggest twist is: it employs a highly unconventional RTS control scheme used to command those minions.

Download Protocol E. (.zip archive Win32/64)

This game was previously known as Project E.V.E.. What is being presented here is the second public prototype for the project (released 30 Jun 2012). Some additions to the previous release include:

  • new animated tutorial instructions
  • tweaked tutorial layout
  • custom formations
  • assault mode test level
  • survival mode test level
  • two new music tracks
  • 4 new death sounds
  • 1 new ranged minion (to be officially named>
  • 1 new hero (to be officially named
  • new luna faction tower
  • new core for the energy hub