This prototype represents a marked improvement in the development of the project. It has some new mechanics implemented and old ones refined, as well as some new units and new artwork by Tim Grant. This is also the first time that we’ve integrated voice acting into the game, with Epona Schweer playing the main character Eve. This prototype was developed with the help of The Digital Kitchen Funding Program by Metro Screen and Screen NSW.

Play the Prototype

Protocol E: PP3 – Play in browser through Unity Web Player (For Windows, Mac, Linux)

Protocol E: PP3 -Zip Archive with Windows x64 Executable (For Windows 64-bit)

  • Level: New voiced tutorial, with Epona Schweer as Eve.
  • Level: Improved powers sandbox to play around with hero powers.
  • Level: New challenging assault mode that utilise command nodes.
  • Level: New challenging survival mode using new units.
  • Unit: Quadbarrel Tank Boss, Big & Medium Size.
  • Unit: Sniper Tripod.
  • Unit: Kamikaze Boom Smasher.
  • Unit: Fixed Defense Tower.
  • Art: New Logo.
  • Art: New environment textures.
  • Art: New foggy background swirly effect for menu and skybox.
  • Building: Command nodes you can capture, complete with unit spawners.
  • Improved event trigger mechanisms for complex game types.
  • A TON of bug fixes for the AI and UI systems.

Future Directions

This prototype puts us in good stead to implement more complex game types like conquest and the ultimate goal of a DotA-mode. To further realise the spirit of the Protocol E control scheme, other features on the cards are:

  • Custom unit composition and formations
  • Customisable unit parameters like bravery, minimum attack distance, max chase range, etc.
  • Customisable theat ratings and target priorities.