This is the first public prototype to be released using the new codebase developed back in July 2014. It finally shows background standing orders; a core element of Protocol E’s philosophy for reducing micromanagement in RTS games. Also check out the new unit formation tray and unit painting mechanics. Plus some new art by Dane Armour. 🙂

Gameplay Footage

Play the Prototype

Play in Browser – Unity Web Player (Linux, Mac, PC) – Downloadable Executable (Windows)


  • Code: Unit AI and UI systems rebuilt from scratch.
  • Feature: Customisable formation trays.
  • Feature: Background standing orders.
    • Bravery: Higher numbers mean your units won’t retreat from stronger or scarier enemies.
    • Chase Range: Controls how far your units will wander from their posts to kill enemies.
    • Combat Range: Use this to tell your units to maintain a certain distance from the enemy.
    • Combat Health: Use this to tell your units how much damage they can take before they retreat.
  • Unit: New tank unit for the player
  • Unit: New speedy drone unit for the player
  • Level: New sandbox level with unlimited unit spawning.
  • Level: New defence level with coordinated enemy waves.
  • Level: New survival level with node capturing.
  • Art: New lego pieces designed by Dane Armour.
  • Art: New textures and decals designed by Dane Armour.
  • Music: New music track playing in Defence Mode.
  • Music: New music track playing in Survival Mode.