Hero powers are back! This is the next evolution from the rebuilt codebase back in July. It has a new level, a new hero, one new unit, some improved graphics and hero powers! Check it out.

Gameplay Footage

This vid was taken before the 8 Nov Update. (With the new UI elements)

Play the Prototype

Play in Browser – Unity Web Player (Linux, Mac, PC)
Protocol_E_PP5.7z – Downloadable Executable (Windows)


  • Feature: In-game volume sliders
  • Feature: Auto-roll buttons for the rollers to quickly change values.
  • Feature: Hero power pickups.
  • Hero: Icarus – fast moving, rapid fire but low health.
  • Hero Powers:
    • Firewall: slight delay before fire launches. Ability to cancel cast.
    • Damage Sphere: slight delay before explosion. Ability to cancel cast
    • Instant Obstacle: block enemies or create bottlenecks.
    • Plant Turret: plant a defence tower.
  • Art: New UI assets for buttons. Replaces MS Paint programmer art!.
  • Unit: Mini Scorpion. Fast, with high damage, but very short range and weak.
  • Level: New defence level with coordinated enemy waves.
  • Level: New Linear Defence level designed for use with new hero powers. Player can fall back to defence nodes further down the line.
  • Level: Updated previous levels with bug fixes and new behind-the-scenes elements.
  • Weapons: “Bolt” lasers now included. (along side continuous stream lasers; which also remain)
  • Tweak: WASD movement now tied closer to hero (instead of moving a cursor around that the hero followed).