In late January 2013, some QuaSI people (Alex and Matt) went to compete in Global Game Jam 2013 at the University of Wollongong Site. Much to their delight, the Game Jam Sydney judging committee saw it fit to give “O2” the “Best Game” award. Here’s a short gameplay video that explains the premise of the game.

The game places the player in a morally ambiguous situation. Ostensibly, the goal is to save all of your fellow survivors. But there are situations where it will become necessary to sacrifice some of them in order to save a greater number of people. The player will inevitably have to ask themselves who deserves to be rescued and why they deserve to live more than the person or people that are to be sacrificed.

There are no in-built incentives like a score system to push the player towards a certain kind of behaviour. The way they play is completely up to them. Once the end screen appears, the player is presented with information of how many people have died, how many people they have saved and other vital stats. It is completely up to the player’s interpretation whether their play-through was a success or a failure.

As this is a randomised game, it is impossible to come up with a definitive, optimal, GameFAQs-style, playthrough. The game can’t be rigged because of the randomisation. In every game, the player must make the best of every situation that is given to them.

Play O2

O2 – Play in browser through Unity Web Player

O2 – Downloadable .zip archive with Windows binary

Source Code

License: Here at Quantum Shade Interactive (QuaSI), we believe strongly in contributing to the gamedev community. Sharing our source material is one of the ways we do this. In return, we ask that any potential users of the material give credit to QuaSI if they end up modifying, building on or otherwise use any of the stuff that we share. This should be done by linking back to the QuaSI website in a readme file, the webpage, or the credits section of a project that uses any QuaSI material. This code is provided as-is and makes no guarantees about its usability or otherwise. Use at your own risk. 😉

O2 – Unity Project Folder

Gameplay Footage

Background Info

This interview with Select Start Media shows some insight into the design and development of the game. This was conducted mid-way through the GameJam.


The Original Version

The version that was submitted for judging was significantly less developed than than what is presented here. Compared to the original, the following changes have been made to this version:

  • Jumping and landing sounds implemented
  • Terrain randomised (between 7 different levels)
  • Astronaut collision bug mitigated (no longer goes crazy when you’re on top of them)
  • Level balancing tweaked a bit more
  • Black fadeout screen introduced at the start of each level
  • Added extra information to game end screen
  • Disabled beeping sounds at game end screen
  • Added key to fast forward time

The official Global Game Jam entry (with less features) can be found here:

Gameplay Footage


Alex Coe – Game Design, Voice, Music, Sound Effects

Matt Cabanag – Game Design, Programming

With special thanks to Daniel Phillips.